Welcome to The Awareness Studio's Client Site!

 From here, you can

1. Schedule an appointment

2. Fill out your session prep form

3. Complete your personal documents (goals, discovery, personal history)

4. Access personal development and other resources

5. Change your password


For directions in doing these things, see below.


Please remember when scheduling appointments that:


 -- I am in the office Tuesday through Saturday

-- Appointments are in-person, on Skype, or by phone, your choice. I will assume you are coming to the office for our session unless you indicate otherwise. Please be sure to let me know if you do not plan to see me in person

-- Office address is below:


5825 Glenridge Drive

Building 3, Suite 101

Atlanta, GA  30328

C/O: 404-271-6297




How to use the site



New Client Documents

The FORMS tab gives you access to client forms via various links. You may change and update these at any time. Remember to use the "Save" button from time to time, whenever entering data on this site.


1. Profile --your contact and other information

2. Goals --what you want to accomplish through our work together

3. Discovery --lets me know more about you

4. Personal History --gives me some background information to help us off to a quicker start

4. Session Prep --your pre-session input form (you will get a link to this form in your session reminder emails)

5. Evaluation --gives you a way to let me know how I am doing




Here are directions for scheduling or changing appointments:


1. Click on the CALENDAR link in the upper right of the web page to access available time slots.

2. Locate the time you want to schedule (or reschedule).

3. Click on the word/link AVAILABLE and specify the session you would like to schedule. Using the New Appointment link is another way to do this.

4. Save! You will get a confirmation of the appointment at the time of scheduling and a reminder 36-hours before our call.



Note1: if you can't find a time that works for you within the time frame you want to meet with me, please let me know. I will do my best to find a way to work you in.


Note2: Please be aware that I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Because of this, the system will not let you change appointments that are 1 day away (or same day). Please email or call me if you need to make a last-minute change.


Reminder -- emails generated by this system come from patty@theawarenessstudio.com. You may need to add this address to your safe senders list. These emails sometimes get flagged as spam because of the graphics and links.


Change Password

-- Log in under your old password

-- Go to the Forms tab

-- Go to the bottom of the Client Profile form (the one you land on when you click the Forms tab)

--  Click on the blue tab that says Change Password

--  Input your new password and you're good to go!